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Pass Plus

Pass Plus is additional training for New Drivers who have Just passed their Driving Test. The aim of the course is to  raise New  Drivers skills to a higher level. Drivers can also benefit from Car Insurance Discount Schemes. 

Why do I need more training

Newly qualified Drivers in the first year after passing their Driving Test,  lack the overall experience in normal road situations and motorway driving, making new drivers more at risk to accidents than Drivers with years of experience. New Drivers feature in 29% of road accidents.


The course is designed over six lessons. 3x 2 hour lessons or 4 x 1 ½  hour lessons

The  course is to improve driver skills in these areas:

    • Judgment/Effective/ Observations
    • Vehicle Lighting & Use
    • Overtaking & Progress
    • See & Be Seen
    • Bends & Lanes
    • Seeing & Reacting Safely
    • Joining/Leaving - Motorways
    • Rural Roads
    • Out of  Town Driving
    • Making Progress
    • Motorway/ Dual Carriageway Driving
    • All Weather Driving
    • Night Driving


Price For 6 Hours = £180.00


(2 hour assessment required)